Yamaha turbo kit

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This is our FLAGSHIP Trail Turbo Kit that we designed for these Yamaha thoroughbreds and their enthusiasts who desire the balanced ability to reliably take an all-day trail ride with excellent trail response and fuel economy, then stalk the lake or drag race as an outlaw to show off some impressive power and speed. With the tens of thousands of miles now accumulated by our satisfied customers on the trails, lakes, and fields since the riding season are true testaments to the trail-ability and reliability of this awesome design.

We have customers putting over miles a year on this true gas-and-go kit without as much as changing a belt. Also becomes capable of 16 psi kPa HP peak. Therefore, we feel that the best way to accomplish lowering the compression ratio is to do it right the first time and install properly designed turbo pistons. Internally waste gated for a tight clean fitment and simplicity. Call us to discuss your needs. By intentionally mounting the hot turbo and components in the stock muffler location at the rear, we accomplish a few things… First: All the hot components remain where Yamaha intended them to go and underneath properly designed heat shields.

Unlike our competition, this eliminates additional heat under the hood and, most importantly, tremendous heat next to the plastic gas tank that causes unstable fuel temperatures and inconsistent performance on the trail or lake. Second: The stock gas tank is maintained without cutting or modifications, keeping the OEM capacity for longer ranges between fuel stops. Third: We maintain the use of the efficiently flowing and light weight factory 4- exhaust headers, which were extensively developed and designed by Yamaha to work in unison with their selected cam timing and overall engine air flow characteristics to produce the throttle response and performance dynamics that the killer Apex engine is notorious for.

Also accommodates the thermal expansion of the whole exhaust system to prevent cracking and breaking under use, of which most front mount header designs are plagued with. Our unique rear mounted turbo kit design utilizes two sources to effectively cool the boost charge air, which together removes even more heat from the charge air entering the engine.

yamaha turbo kit

To start with we use an aluminum finned boost charge tube mounted in the best place possible to extract as much heat as possible, in the tunnel… We call this SSI Single Snow Intercooler. To compliment the SSI in the tunnel we finished with a properly sized conventional air-to-air intercooler integrated into the air box up front to further dissipate any remaining heat that might still be left over in the intake charge.

This is one of the largest contributors to providing increased reliability with a higher horsepower output at lower boost levels than the competition using only a single front mounted conventional air to air intercooler. We also use a set of turn buckles to secure the air box to the frame cross member as added insurance from blowing off the throttle bodies under big boost levels.

The settings we provide require no additional tuning or modifications. Long life, continuous duty rated model with a separate dedicated power relay.

Comes pre-wired in loom for the FPP kit with all the required lines, mounting brackets, and hardware. Click image to enlarge.Harness the ECU for the best running Cat kit on the market. We offer this kit in two variants, Pricing We have hundreds of Axys HO kits on snow, and for good reason.

This was the kit that changed it all. Fast, no-cut install, with many able to Pricing There are two options forour standard tried and true external wastegate kit as well as an intercooled kit. Most riders running psi will find the simplicity Those looking for the coolest possible charge temps and those looking to run Welcome to Silber Turbos. We strive to create the highest performing most rider friendly snowmobile turbo kits on the market. Our goal is to maximize time doing what you love with the additional horsepower only boost can provide.

We pioneered the tunerless turbo in and haven't looked back. Learn more about the TunerLess Turbo Here. Designed by Out of the Sandbox. Powered by Shopify. Winter is here! We offer kits for all modern makes and models! See our Turbo Kits!

Pull Rope. Go Ride. Learn More. Tune Less. Ride More.

yamaha turbo kit

Silber Turbos. Sign Up for our Newsletter. Footer Search About Us.So no matter what type of rider or racer you are, you can have the benefits of a factory-tested, -developed, and -approved turbocharger.

Since the turbo is an official GYTR accessory, it will not affect your factory warranty like an aftermarket kit can. The kit comes with everything you need to do a home install including new, stronger connecting rods that will hold up to an additional percent more horsepower. According to Yamaha, its turbo supplies 6 pounds of boost which translates to a percent gain in rear wheel horsepower.

Of course labor rates should be considered as, Yamaha tells us, this is about a hour total install. On the positive side, customers can do the install themselves and still retain the factory warranty. If you own a YXZR, you know there is plenty of room in the engine compartment to add components like this. Yamaha tells us the install takes about 24 man-hours. Unlike some of the competitive turbo models, this kit comes with much more, including a ball bearing Garrett GYRS turbo, an air-water intercooler, remote radiator, a new single-element air filter, upgraded connecting rods, new exhaust header, and all the other components that tie it together.

This one is fully adjustable and was made for this kind of power upgrade. The additional radiator for the water-cooled intercooler mounts at the front of the car right behind the center grille, not blocking the stock radiator. When you fire up the GYTR turbocharged machine, the exhaust note is pretty much the same. In fact, you can use the stock muffler or another slip-on you already own. The only thing different is the head pipe as it has a flange that the turbo bolts to and redirects exhaust to spin the turbo then to a mid-pipe connected to the muffler.

Throttle response is instant but not jerky. From the pop of the clutch, the turbo car jumped out to the lead. In the first 10 yards, the turbo car already had a one length lead. At 30 mph, the turbo had four cars on the stocker. By the time the GYTR turbo topped out, it had an easy six-car-length lead. The new airbox is a single-element style that gets mounted near the stock location. Just driving the turbo YXZ around you have a huge power advantage over stock.

We had no problem tackling some narrow, sandy chutes in second or third gear that would have denied the stock car for sure. On tighter slow trails, the turbo car again works better than the stock setup.Mountain Performance, Inc.

We have been producing extreme performance variants for this motor exceeding HP for many years. Bolt-on installation in hours, not days. No fabrication required, all parts included. No need for expensive clutching, as this unit has a manual transmission. Eliminating all the problems associated with CVT clutches. Kit currently undergoing EPA compliance certification.

This motor only requires 5 psi of boost to make HP while competitive vehicles require much higher boost levels. Bolt-on Intercooler design. We do highly recommend modifications to the OEM vehicle. Connecting Rods. Reduced compression typically with thick head gasket, not pistons.

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Upgraded Radiator. Upgraded Clutch. MPI 4th Injector kit. Short Turbo Header recommended. Stage 3 Turbocharger Upgrade. Short Turbo Header. Rear-end and Front-end upgrades. Possible transmission upgrade.Units are engineered to be light weight, quick spooling and ultra reliable.

The Nytro makes HP properly set up at 8. It fits perfectly within the chassis and has an exceptional fit and finish. Check out the competition……you will see poor engineering, poor fit and finish, poor performance gains, no warranty, very few, if any, pictures of the kits installed.

I take pride in the turbo systems I build and I am not afaid to show you them and back them up with a warranty. All this means consistent, hassle-free operation allowing you to spend more time riding and less time wrenching. The turbo kit comes as pre-assembled sub components for quick and easy installation, requiring no welding or relocating of factory parts, thus decreasing overall shop time and labor costs compared to other kits.

That is why the kits true hp rating is at sea level. Placing the turbo at the end of a header will always give you better throttle response because you not only gain the headers hp you benefit from the expanding exhaust gasses which puts more power to the turbine wheel. By using the factory muffler attachment system we dampen the vibration and chassis flex to prevent the header from cracking.

My first design while testing was all aluminum with brackets welded on and fastened to the frame and tunnel. Over a short time the brackets broke and the tube wore against the frame and leaked. The next design which is in the kit, uses aluminum under the tunnel and stainless steel to pass through the tunnel and go along the frame. The stainless slides on the aluminum rather than chafe during chassis flex.

The intake manifold is a runner design with one main tube with 3 smaller tubes coming off at a 90 degree angle and the bov at the end of the main tube.

This is one of the best ways to create equal flow and pressure to each cylinder. We do not use an intercooler or recommend one that is placed under the hood. In my research and testing, intercoolers will always cause a decrease in flow and pressure.

So right from the get go, we lost some performance. Now lets look at the location of the intercooler.

yamaha turbo kit

Does it have cold air or snow moving through it in coincidently with the air temp rise? So, now we added pressure resistance which adds on off throttle response time.

Dammit If its out from under the hood, positioned right, and a good design you will gain all those things you just read, minus the heat sink, and a whopping percent of hp.Here is the turbo kit on the bike using the optional carbon exhaust can to reduce noise:. A complete turbo kit for the Yamaha MT Dyno proven to run hp at 7psi and as much as hp with extra boost. This kit was designed for Yamaha Sponsored Dave McKenna's drift bike after he asked for a turbo that would push out more than hp for his MT to make drifting easy.

We developed this kit for his bike and can now offer it to you should you feel like turning your MT into a complete weapon!

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You are also someone who likes something a bit more extreme than the average bloke. If you are an experienced rider you will adapt to it pretty quickly, but if you are inexperienced, think very hard about adding a turbo to your motorcycle. Getting this much power gain from your motorcycle will obviously void any Yamaha warranties as it was never designed to have this much power. We accept no reponsibility for damage caused to your motorcycle if we did not fit the kit for you. We highly recommend a suspension upgrade from the stock suspension system.

Yamaha added cheaper suspension components to reduce the overall cost of the motorcycle and they were never designed for turbo powered bikes!

Yamaha Rhino 660 Turbo Kits

Please don't let us scare you with any of the above information as we have built MANY turbo motorcycles and have full faith in our kits. We just need to mention this for obvious reasons. If you have any questions or doubts at all, please conatct us as we are more than happy to reassure you or give advice!

If you have any further questions or need more details, please contact us today. Register Log in Wishlist 0 Shopping cart 0 You have no items in your shopping cart. Personal menu. Forced induction.

Back Indicators. Read full kit details in the description below. Delivery date: Weeks. Manufacturer: Extreme Creations. Overview Reviews Contact Us. Write your own review.

Yamaha MT-09, FZ-09, XSR900 Turbo Kit

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Review text:. Rating: Bad Excellent. Existing reviews. Quality product. It's a great quality kit that fits well.Innovation NOT Replication!! I take pride in my design and engineering, check out all the great features below.

Ken Hunter. I designed this turbo off of a Garrett center section which allows the use of aftermarket parts such as the TiAL exhaust housing and other stock components. Those are very cheap and poor performing. These types of turbo are what people take off of their cars, throw away and replace for a performance turbo.

GYTR turbo kit for YXZ 1000

My Push turbo is a very high performance turbo. To start with it has dual ceramic ball bearings with ceramic races, this gives us the least amount of rolling resistance and affords us to have the tightest clearances. With this design of bearing it gives the turbo the best opportunity for accelerating the shaft speed and easily maintaining it while on and off the throttle.

GYTR YXZ1000R Turbo Kit

So now we are off to a good start. The next thing I did was change the exhaust wheel; I felt that the exhaust wheel was holding the exhaust too long for a performance oriented small high revving engine. I had the wheel shortened and added a blade and that gave us some very nice improvements on the bottom end as well as low back pressure on the top end.

Next thing I improved was the compressor wheel, I have been using and offering billet compressor wheels for over 8 years in my turbo kits, I have used and tried many designs. With my newly designed 73 millimeter billet compressor wheel and the combination of the rest of the turbo components, I not only feel that we have the fastest spooling turbo but I also have data to back it up.

This is truly the first turbo designed for the small displacement high revving motorsports industry. I would call that 0 lag and a huge improvement over the stock bottom end performance.

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Others use a much smaller filter, inadequate for dusty locations. The connection between the air filter and the turbo also has connections for the oil tank breather, blow off valve and the fresh air intake for the exhaust. This design of the intake plumbing along with having the air filter high in the chassis stock location allows you to cross water puddles or ravines as high up as the box and well over the tires.

The air intake system seems to be the most overlooked, misunderstood and poorly engineered component in other turbo systems available. I have personally seen what sand can do to this motor with having a small filter with a pre-filter. My air intake system is just one of the many key components in my turbo System. One of the many details not overlooked, misunderstood or poorly engineered. It is a divorced system from the stock cooling and has its own water pump and radiator with fan. I designed it to be light, compact and efficiently control boost temperatures at any speed.

This is a flat-out no compromise performance-oriented inter-cooling solution. While an air-to-air inter-cooler has its places like in a car or a truck where a cooler can be mounted in the front of the vehicle or in the direct air-stream, this is just not practical or even feasible in one of these buggies. In fact traveling only 15 to 20 miles an hour is way more cooling CFM than any fan, especially one blowing hot air on the inter-cooler. An air-to-air inter-cooler mounted in that fashion is all show-no go, one would be better off removing that chunk of heat soaked aluminum and going directly to the manifold without the cooler.

My liquid to air inter-cooler maintains an air temperature of approximately to degrees; this is at 75 degrees outside and 10 pounds of boost. If anyone would like to share their air to air cooler temperatures at 10 pounds of boost I will post them.

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