I am using the request package to create my server side requests. Therefore, is there a way I include the user's cookie as part of the request? KendallFrey a lot of humans are already hairy. Yesterday I went to workout, I enjoy instructor led workouts, anyway it was all females attractive and just me, one dude. One exercise she kept saying do it like you're ripping your shirt off, "Rip your shirt off! I couldn't stop laughing for a few mins, was like yes please do!

Sterling Archer. Loktar lmfao, did they look at you? I feel weird af being the only dude in the classes. SterlingArcher lol I didn't yell that or anything, she was, but she looked at me laughing a few times.


You should have ripped your shirt off and been like "sorry i thought that was literal". Ergo, it is done. I would have totally hulked out just for the lols.

LOL well I wanted them to, I liked my shirt. I remember one time when I was young this one kid was walking around the locker room with a giant boner.

It was weird. SterlingArcher And probably gotten kicked out like a midgetnapper. Shmiddty LOL. Just killing others to the billions "because they can"?

We should raise above this neanderthal mindset. KendallFrey dude. One time.

Pennsylvania Amber Alert Program

Like seriously not trying to be a dick, but we kill things all the time just because. Animals we eat are just "bigger". Well it's not "just because". As I stated, it is done for food. Your moral jumping of the shark doesn't convert anyone to your viewpoints, it just makes me hungry for a hamburger. We kill pigs and cows because they're yummy.Friday, July 31, Complaint Filed.

Pocomoke City's attorney says he is not aware of any. Former chief Kelvin Sewell, who is black, says he was.

City officials emphatically deny that Sewell was ousted. By Nicole Edenedo. It's been nearly a month since a personnel issue sparked a firestorm in Maryland's "friendliest town. Mayor Bruce Morrison has been in the eye of that storm fending off allegations of incompetence, corruption and racial discrimination.

Sewell's attorney told WBOC his termination was allegedly racially motivated. I'm not I've always been a friendly person. I've been a good mayor," the mayor said. And that's how the rally's supporters say they feel as well. The rally's organizer Robert Cowger says this isn't just about Morrison. The council is the one that makes the decisions. He just follows through after the decisions are made from the council. Cowger says the letters of support have about signatures. This Sunday's Preview.

Excavation for Onancock post office unearths surprises; Julian "Juke" Tyler becomes Crisfield's first city manager; Ad- Check these summertime clothing prices at I. Merrill in Pocomoke City. Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers or something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? Please send to tkforppe yahoo. We strive to be a worthwhile supplement to your choices.

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Labels: Local And National History. Committee for Aviation Policy. The award is provided to agencies that have. An independent panel. Both were records surpassing all previous marks.

In addition, Wallops recently opened and conducted.Gustavo Bourdieu74, a resident of Hancock, passed away suddenly on Monday, September 17, Gustavo was born in Buenos Aires, Arge Simons will read excerpts from her book Copper Empire: A Novel About the Copper Country Labor Strike in -- a compelling work of historical fiction that tells the story of miners and their families as they struggle with dangerous and often deadly working conditions, poor wages, a nine month labor strike, and a Christmas Eve tragedy that forever changed the Copper Country.

In addition to her book, Simons has been published in magazines and newspapers including Lake Superior Magazine. A book signing and selling will follow the presentation, and refreshments will be served.

Library programs are free and everyone is welcome. For more information, please call the library at or visit www. Tuesday, July 21, U.

From harvesting wild thimbleberries, whitefish, and other native foods to clearing fields for rutabagas and herds of dairy cattle, the ways in which people have sourced their food have changed over time. Food production remains an important part of the local economy. Stay for the tour after their presentation, where you can get your hands dirty and experience a bit of agriculture today! This presentation will be held at 7 p. The event is free and open to the public.

The Fourth Thursday in History series arranges public presentations on important aspects of Copper Country and regional history, including techniques for historic preservation. Presentations are scheduled in venues throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula, particularly at historic sites associated with specific topics.

For further information, including specific directions to this event, contact Keweenaw National Historical Park at or check the web at www.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Copper Country Strong: 54 total positive cases, 16 recoveries in 5 counties Houghton County now totals 26 positives and 6 probable cases. Weather permitting. If you have enjoyed the storytime and craft time at PLDL in the past, please note that the library will now have craft packets available for pickup prior to the next occurring virtual PLDL storytime!

Just stop by PLDL where you will find a bin with craft packets in the lobby.

One per child, please. While supplies last. Michigan Tech responds to changes impacting international students Last week, the U.


Department of Homeland Security announced modifications to exemptions for non-immigrant students enrolled at colleges and universities during the COVID pandemic.

The new federal guidelines say each F-1 student must take at least one in-person or hybrid course this fall. This guidance does not conflict with Michigan Tech's Flex plans for the fall semester.

International Programs and Services IPS sent all international students an email on Tuesday, July 7, explaining how this modification impacts them. Another email was sent on Friday, July 10, instructing students to review their courses for the Fall semester to ensure they have an in-person course on their schedule.

Students who have not yet registered are directed to work with their department or academic advisor to register immediately.Pages Home a page with an index of tagged posts discussing the history of the former Mars Hill Church a page with an index of posts on musical analysis--guitar sonatas and contrapuntal music for guitar and other musical stuff writings at Mbird on animation, superheroes and other things.

Saturday, August 01, Atlantic: the tragedy of itunes and classical music [yep, another rant on the disastrous shortcomings of metadata for non-pop music].

Aeon: "Why born gay is a dangerous idea" resorting to a biological deterministic defense thats precisely the opposite of what previous civil rights campaigns relied upon. By contrast, the marriage-equality movement has embraced biological determinism. Gay and lesbian activists have led the way popularising the idea that identity is biologically determined In evangelical blog contexts there's an idea that has not been discussed as much as it probably could, which is that when straight American evangelicals get married based on a kind of heteronormative biological determinism we may be looking at a culture in which, to borrow an old Catholic theological idea, concupiscence has gone from a reason to refrain from marriage to the most celebrated reason for straights to be married.

Or, maybe we can let a commenter at Mere Orthodoxy spell it out. I would agree that celibacy needs marriage. But that doesn't imply that the church can endorse any form of marriage and expect celibacy to thrive.

When Paul commends celibacy, he does so within a context where marriage would bear the following marks: 1 celibacy would be esteemed more highly than marriage; 2 marriage would be viewed primarily as a pragmatic institution whose value has no purpose beyond the current eschatological age; and 3 marriage is focused on the restraint of sexual desire, and not on the celebration of it.

You cant steel this name: burdon of proof satisfied

American evangelicals have largely rejected all three of these marks in their practice of marriage. That is, after all, why Ryan Anderson has had such a difficult time getting folks to buy into his reasoning for denying civil marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Our culture jettisoned the conjugal view of marriage ages ago, and evangelicals and most Catholics have obliged without much of a protest. So, I don't think Justice Kennedy was proffering any kind of opinion as to what marriage should be in an ideal world. Rather, he was simply describing the institution as it has evolved in our American context, influenced as it is by post-Enlightmentment notions of romanticism and the Freudian tendency to suppose that all human attractions are fundamentally sexual.

I appreciate the discussion that Wes is trying to foster. Even so, we have to bear in mind that there's no reason to suppose that Christians can flourish within the institution of celibacy within the church context whose practices of marriage have departed sharply from the view of marriage that Paul commended as celibacy's companion.

I think we would do well to rethink what Christian marriage should look like, and should give some effort to extirpating the romantic and Freudian dross that has led to our current confusion.

But evangelicals have invested heavily in propping up the current model, flawed as it is. I appreciated your effort to justify evangelicals' Freudian dalliance under the notion of an eros-focused view of marriage. Even so, I see nothing in Scripture that suggests that erotic attraction is an essential element of marriage. In fact, I Corinthians 7 would seem to suggest the opposite. Greil Marcas on the failure of imagination in some songwriters and, even more, of their audience.

Everything has to be real for it to have any meaning. To write songs that other people will want to hear and other people will want to sing; the craven, contrived, market-driven attempts at writing a song that will be popular. Somebody might start off writing a song because they broke up with somebody, but if the song is any good at all, becomes something else. It becomes a story.According to the Noguchi Museum: This Sunday, friends and neighbors are invited to visit the Museum for free and participate in a variety of programs.

Open Studio From ampm, families with children between the ages of 2 and 12 are encouraged to join us for Open Studio. This month, kids and caregivers will spend time in the Museum's galleries looking at the different ways Noguchi combined two-dimensional shapes to create three-dimensional forms and then collaboratively create a large sculpture inspired by their experiences.

Public Tour At pm, visitors of all ages can learn more about Noguchi's life and see highlights from the collection during this informal and interactive gallery tour. Center of Attention During this hour-long program, which will take place at pm this Sunday, adults explore and discuss a single work of art in the Museum's galleries. For more information on the Museum's exhibitions and programs, please click here. Have fun. Good news. Click on the full screen icon, bottom right corner, to get full effect.

The office serves as a direct link between the electorate and city government, effectively acting as an ombudsman, or "watchdog," for New Yorkers by providing oversight for city agencies, investigating citizens' complaints about city services and making proposals to address perceived shortcomings or failures of those services. Public Advocate James is a non-voting member of the New York City Council with the right to introduce and co-sponsor legislation. Public Advocate James is also charged with appointing members to various boards and commissions, including one member of the New York City Planning Commission.

Public Advocate James serves on the committee which selects the director of the Independent Budget Office. These duties are laid out in Section 24 of the City Charter. She began her term on January 1, Here are some of the most pressing issues we face in our community, and it would be wise for the Public Advocate to be prepared on these topics: Con Ed's gas line installation down Main Street, our ONLY traffic corridor The unreasonable expectation that RIOC should charge high fees to the non-profit organizations that support the quality of life in our community.

The negative impact of RIOC's policies to charge the community for the use of recreational fields, prohibiting our children from the use of our fields in favor of the paying permit holders. Failure of Westview and Island House's landlord Hishchorn to disclose the actual costs that will fall on the resident's shoulders if their buildings are converted without performing the energy upgrades to convert to submetering.

Lack of merchants and commercial services on Main Street Cornell's lack of contribution to the community including no financial backing for school programming even though they claim to have "adopted" our school.

You actually need to feed the children you adopt.

Yes (2565)

Failure of Cornell to address the pressure on public services such as Public Safety and use of recreational fields that will result from their increased population Failure of NYC to address the pressure on public services such as Public Safety and use of recreational fields that will result from Cornell's increased population Greatly increased revenues to NYC as a result of the creation of Cornell-Tech with absolutely NO contribution pay-back to the community, by the City.

The State of NY floated a bond issue to develop Roosevelt Island as a low and middle income community. But the conversion of the last two Mitchel Lama properties eliminates all subsidized housing stock in the community. What can your office do to insure that the residents receive the best protections for affordability?

Roosevelt Island is a community in excess of 14, people who are governed by a Public Benefit Corporaton, not by elected government. RIOC is comprised of board members who are appointed by the Governor. Even though we have nominated people to serve on the board, Governor Cuomo has ignored those recommendations and has allowed the seats to expire. Just as all residents are entitled to democracy throughout our country, we residents of Roosevelt Island are entitled to democracy here on Roosevelt Island.

What can you do to bring a democratic process of government to Roosevelt Island? This issue has been known by DOT since at least Here's what she had to say.

Dusre ki call history kaise dekhe

What would you like to ask Ms. The combination of Con Ed Gas line upgrade, building facade work and Cornell Tech construction deliveries will make for a great deal of disruptions on Main Street.

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We will notify the community of any changes. Click On Image To Enlarge 1. Riser replacement work will start in late July and is estimated to be completed by Fall Work will be performed around planned school activities.August 1, "As a kid, I was searching for my tribe of other people who saw through the matrix. I just thought it was a joke; I couldn't believe other people weren't laughing at it. Posted by Ann Althouse at PM 15 comments. Posted by Ann Althouse at PM 18 comments.

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Tags: cloudsmuralsphotography. But many transgender men and women need social programs to survive If Cait's going to be a spokesperson for the community. This is something she's going to have to understand. Or something like that. The quoted dialogue comes from a trailer for the show, as does Jenner's expression of conservatism.

I think what's going on is more that show needs dramatic tension, so something was set up, and the show needs a narrative arc, and there will be one.

Thus, early on, Jenner expresses the view that people can get "totally dependent on" government, because they think "they can make more not working with social programs than they actually can with an entry-level job," and they start thinking "Why should I work? Narrative arc achieved. Quite boring of course, but not so boring that I'm trashing this post.

Posted by Ann Althouse at PM 43 comments. Tags: conservatismJennertransgender. Asks Mac McConnell in the comments to this morning's men-in-shorts post. My answer: "They should not be so long that I can stand on them.

Posted by Ann Althouse at AM 38 comments. Tags: kiltsmen in shorts. Federal judge dismisses Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson's effort to win back her position of chief justice. But the down-and-dirty interpretation which defendants dignify with the term 'de facto' will do for the purposes of this case. That is, the federal judge wouldn't say what the meaning of the Wisconsin constitutional amendment is, because the state supreme court has authority over the meaning of state law, and by taking the vote for a new chief, the court revealed its interpretation of the amendment.Saturday, August 1, What might have been!

Posted by Lowell at PM 1 comment:. Christian Apologetics: Hitler can't help you. Posted by Lowell at AM 1 comment:. Chuck Norris vs.

HIllary Clinton. Chuck Norris, that erstwhile action hero of movies and teevee, is a born-again Christian. Maybe that's why he's full of hate and lies. Norris is claiming that Hillary Clinton will win the election because she somehow will manage to engage in massive voter fraud. That would be funny if it wasn't so sad. And as they say, sometimes what a person complains about it exactly what that person is involved in doing.

When we talk about voter fraud, we think not of the Democratic Party. We think of the Republican Party, which started a smear campaign claiming that voter fraud is an epidemic in this country and therefore we need stricter laws to keep the frauds from voting. What they meant is that there were certain demographics that were voting for the Democrats.

One Direction - Act My Age - Minneapolis - 7-26-15

Now, Norris probably knows all this which makes him not only a liar but a hypocrite and proves his religiosity is fraudulent and hell is just around the corner! Friday, July 31, What's Happening - July 31?


A massive Burmese python large enough to ingest deer and alligators was captured by a permitted python researcher in the Everglades National Park in Florida recently, CBS Miami reported Tuesday. The python, found along a tram road at Shark Valley on July 9, measured a whooping 18 feet, 3 inches and was only five inches shy of the largest snake ever captured in Florida.

An foot, 8-inch Burmese Python was caught in Miami-Dade in Read more at here. Shark Valley is a national park about 20 miles west of Miami. My wife and I have often ridden our bikes on that tram road - a 15 mile loop out into the Everglades and back. One day we counted alligators either in the road or on the side of the road or in the canal next to the road. We've seen a number of deer also. Thursday, July 30, If teachers were as important as sports' heroes.

What's Happening - July Funeral home. Refrigeration room. Woman, 92, who was declared dead in a nursing home, is alive and terrified.

A doctor declared her dead. She was transported to the funeral home. Can you imagine? This is one of my nightmares. I'm going to be declared dead although I'm not. I wake up just as they're going to throw me into the furnace.

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